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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 16, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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their lives to escape an apartment fire. it happened in san franc district. your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. black burn marks mark the spot where people were found at
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a fire. one dead, one critically hurt. let's get to anne makovec outside the home. >> reporter: police have parts of this sunnydale neighborhood blocked off right now. a child is still in critical condition at the hospital and he was just 4 years old. a woman died at the scene. the fire started around 10 a.m. in a two-story apartment on brookdale avenue. it spread very quickly. we don't know how many people were inside the home at the time but five adults and one child lived there, three generations of one family. neighbors reported seeing some of them jumping out of windows to escape the smoke and flames. firefighters found a woman who had died and a child badly hurt when they arrived. i spoke with a family friend who fears the worst. >> gorgeous, lovely little kid.
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perfect manners. i mean, this is sad. this is a beautiful little boy. >> very sad for the family, obviously. very sad for us. very hard on our firefighters as you can see, not in the best of spirits here. it's a hard thing. one of the hardest things in our job, period. >> reporter: firefighters are have no idea what caused this fire. no other apartments are affected. at this point this area is still considered a crime scene until determined otherwise. live in sunnydale, anne makovec, kpix 5. a teenaged girl was allegedly robbed and kidnapped in oakland before being dropped off in berkeley. she was found screaming just after 6:00 this morning near some bushes at the intersection of piedmont and ashby. the girl was naked and had burning eyes possibly from being pepper sprayed. >> shortly ave. that, i think she yelled that
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someone had raped her. them every then she collapsed in shock and yelling and crying. >> girl was taken to highland hospital in observations. a man is arrested in connection with sunday's massive five-alarm fire in san jose. investigators believe 55-year- old stillman pfeffer started the fire that destroyed the former tv news station near downtown. there are reports witnesses saw the suspect setting that fire. santa clara d.a.'s office is expected to charge the suspect officially later today. richmond police trying to figure out what led to a shooting in the parking lot of a target department store. it happened around 5:30 yesterday afternoon on mcdonald avenue. one man critically wounded, another being treated for injuries not considered life- threatening. rescuers right now are diving into cold dark waters off the yellow sea off south korea after a massive ferry
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sank carrying mostly high school students. six people are confirmed dead. kpix 5's cate caugiran reports from the newsroom. >> reporter: local korean churches are organizing prayer services and really that's all they can do at this point as a desperate search for the survivors continues. nearly 300 people are listed as missing after 18 hours after the ship sank. a helicopter lowered a rescue raft to passengers who escaped a sinking ferry about 60 miles off south korea's coast. emergency workers rushed to save hundreds mostly high school students, from the cold water. the student who made it out said trash cans were floating and water came up to his neck. more than 450 passengers were on board mostly high school students headed to a popular holiday island. officials say many could be trapped in rooms on the sunken ship. divers scrambled on the ship to search for survivors. the u.s. navy says one ship
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with helicopters is helping in the rescue. workers covered survivors in blanket and took them to makeshift shelters many overcome with emotion. it's not clear why the ferry sank, but some passengers said they heard a boom and cargo falling just before the accident. san francisco korean united methodist church says it will host a prayer service dedicated to the tragedy. it will be tonight at 7 p.m. in the outer sunset. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. many ferries heading to the popular tourist island were canceled due to heavy fog. officials fear the number of dead will rise drastically making it one of south korea's biggest ferry disasters since 1993 when 292 people died in an accident it's been 7 years to the day since that deadly mass shooting at virginia tech and today those victims are being remembered. >> christopher james bishop. [ bell tolls ] >> around the same time, shots rang out 7 years ago, 32 chimes
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from the capital bell tower were heard one for each victim shot in one of the deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history. the day of remembrance began just after midnight last night lighting a ceremonial candle that will be put out at 11:59 tonight. the man arrested for a bomb hoax near the boston marathon finish line has been sent to a psychiatric facility. he will be evaluated there and his mother says he suffers from bipolar disorder. alexis christoforous on the charges that suspect is now facing. >> reporter: 25-year-old kayvon edson appeared in court wednesday charged with possession of a hoax device. the suspect had a rice cooker in his backpack that was filled with confetti. >> your honor doesn't need me to tell you symbolism of a rice cooker on the one-year anniversary of the boston marathon bombings. your honor, taking the totality of the circumstances, we do believe that $100,000 is the appropriate bail amount for
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this individual. [ inaudible ] >> this gentleman is not a threat. >> reporter: it all took place near the finish line of next week's boston marathon and one year after two bombs exploded killing three and injuring hundreds more. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the boston community and special guests paid tribute to victims tuesday. >> we will always remember our guardian angels. i'm so proud to be a bostonian. >> reporter: survivors are vowing to put last year's tragedy behind them and to run next week's race without fear. alexis christoforous, cbs news, boston. >> and lawyers for last year's bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev want some of the charges now dismissed and want prison restrictions on him eased up. they are asking a judge for that today. they say many. charges against him had redundant and could sway jurors. a jewish community center in kansas is open again today for the first time since a deadly shooting. three people were killed sunday
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at 2 locations in overland park and police later arrested a white supremacist. u.s. attorney general eric holder will head to kansas tomorrow to pay tribute to those who died. and it was an emotional day at a pennsylvania high school. classes resumed today one week after a student went on a mass stabbing spree. 21 people including students and a security guard were injured. a 16-year-old has been arrested for the stabbings. investigators say the teen took two kitchen knives from home and randomly started stabbing students before classes began. no one died in the attack. happening today, bart's fleet of the future is making its public debut. the train is at the justin herman plaza in san francisco from right now until 7:00 tonight. this is the first stop. the model train-shown off throughout the bay area over the next several weeks. these new cars go into service in 2017. happening today right now in fact, some nature is university students are taking part in an unusual protest.
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they are holding a so-called faint-in to draw attention to dudley moorhead high school one of the university's oldest buildings. protestors say it's an unsafe environment because it has insufficient heating and no air- conditioning. >> san jose councilmember says it's time for the city to start regulating electronic cigarettes. rose herrera, who is running for mayor this year, says because ecigarettes are so new, the city doesn't have any laws to control them. she proposes a citywide ban on using them in public. the city council will discuss it at a meeting later today. an l.a. dodgers standout may have a price on his head. his crazy connection to mexican drug cartels. >> a good meal can do a relationship good. the connection between hunger and ruined marriages coming up. >> many people could look at this and say, oh, it's a vending machine and they would be partially right but mostly wrong. >> see what colorado's legalization of marijuana has led to this time.
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>> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures expected today. but big changes too, we'll talk about that next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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week... and there's a distug report about one of la's st players. as k-p-i-x five's andria t involves a mexic the dodgers are in town this weekend. there's a disturbing report about a big star. as kpix 5's andria borba reports, it involves a mexican drug cartel. reporter: the dodgers' brighters star yasiel puig was signing autographs for fans before the game. the men in orange and black, though, however the related rivalry aren't the cuban defector's biggest enemies by any stretch of the imagination. in a bombshell article in l.a. magazine author jesse katz tell -- tells how puig fled from cuba to mexico to the dodgers a dangerous journey made more complicated by puig's entanglement with the notorious
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drug cartel los zetas off the coast of cancun with ransom increasing every day. >> the smugglers hadn't received their money. they were ticked off. >> reporter: yasiel was spirited off the mexican island by the henchman of the air- conditioning repairman and one of his captors was gunned down. there have been suggestions the cartel might try to hunt yasiel down for vengeance. >> the idea that, you know, dodger fans or dodger teammates would be in any kind of, you know, imminent harm i find that is a little bit farfetched but he did business with unsavory characters and one of them is dead. >> reporter: and that ac repair guy who orchestrated yasiel's defection from cuba allegedly gets 20% of his salary for life. and untold other money from the dodgers star. for dodgers fan and cuban max medina, yasiel puig's story is an everyday tale. >> i think the story about puig is not isolated. i think it's a story that occurs very often but the only
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reason we know about it is because it's a famous person. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> and the u.s. government consider the -- considers the los zetas to be the most dangerous cartel in mexico responsible for killing more than 420 people. one of the longest running shows on network tv is shooting in san jose. "cops" which follows police officers on patrol has been on the air since 198 the but it's the show's first time in san jose. cameras will follow officers for about two months. sjpd's spokesman says the hope is to boost morale, provide transparency and attract recruits. san francisco will outline a plan to avert problems with this weekend's 420 marijuana event. 420 or april 20th is this sunday, the same day as easter. last year, there were problems at golden gate park, which was such a mess it cost $10,000 to
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clean up as well as problems elsewhere. a supervisor is announcing a plan tomorrow. we'll keep you posted. now that pot is legal in colorado, people are coming up with all sorts of ways to sell the stuff. you probably guess what this vending machine is for. it's called the zazzz and it sells marijuana edibles. you can find brownies inside the machine. the men who came up with the idea are very excited about their company's future. >> i don't think we have dreamed what it can do to you yet. you start with this, and you start making your way into the future. i think this is a great starting place and we're excited about it. >> but buying a pot brownie won't be as easy as putting in a quarters. you have to have a medical marijuana card and an identification verify before you get anything out of the pot vending machine. all right. >> i want to own the vending machines right next to it with all the snickers and chips in it. that's where you'll make millions. >> this shift, that's what you think about carbo loading and sugar. >> and all the coffee since
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early this morning. good weather. >> yeah. great weather, nice afternoon to get out there and enjoy. lots of sunshine around the bay area as high pressure is building overhead more of a northerly component to the wind clearing out your skies very nicely. over san francisco right now, cirrus clouds. otherwise clear and the temperatures beginning to warm up outside. already 73 in concord and 75 in livermore and headed to 68 degrees right now in san jose. potrero hill looking back toward the city of san francisco, we are looking at some nice skies there and beautiful green hills right now in concord. won't be long and they will be turning brown. well, these temperatures around the bay area today usually in the 60s and low 70s. today well above average in many spots as much as 6 to 8 degrees above average, about 75 in oakland, 78 in san jose and 76 degrees in santa rosa. all courtesy of high pressure and this more northerly component of the wind enough to clear the skies to the
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coastline and make for a beautiful day. things switch gears tonight into tomorrow. temperatures in the central part of the state up into the 80s. 80 yosemite. 88 fresno. 65 monterey bay. we are looking good into the afternoon hours. look at all sunshine even toward the coastline. and then tonight the sea breeze starts to kick in and it will carry with it some of the low clouds and fog tomorrow morning. so i think a cooler day on tap for tomorrow some more clouds coming our way and a whole lot more toward friday and saturday. temperatures looking like this. 78 in san jose. about 76 in milpitas. toward the coastline, some mid- 60s and mostly sunny skies into the east bay numbers up into the 70s and the low 80s. then inside the bay, we'll keep those temperatures a little bit cooler but very comfortable. about 69 in san francisco and 68 in sausalito. your sunset time for tonight is at 7:46. sunrise is at 6:32. and looking out over the next couple of days, we are going to watch those temperatures dropping off. we do have a weak weather system coming our way on friday and saturday. it will help to cool down the temperatures and bring us a few
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more clouds. but easter sunday looking good. after that things getting unsettled, maybe we start to talk about some rain on monday and tuesday. but speaking of easter sunday, you know what? it is going to be about as bright as this graphic around the bay area, lots of sunshine, temperatures coastside into the 60s, in the bay 70s and some of the valleys low 80s on easter sunday. how about that? >> all the brunches out there. enjoy. >> thank you. when we come back, there is a new study about what happens to marriage when you mix hunger and anger. what couples can do to avoid being hang-y -- angry. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you're feeling hungry --u may all right. here's a live look at the big board right now. the dow is up 133 points. looking like a good day. and if you are feeling hungry you may want to eat something before you get hang- ry. it is the real thing. it's when hunger leads someone to become angry and science is backing it up. new research from the medical journal shows that low blood sugar is linked to higher levels of aggression among spouses or significant others. so the study shows the hungrier you are the less self-control you have. so if you're looking to solve a disagreement after dinner -- might be a good time.
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>> that explains a lot about your, uhm, your activity this morning after the morning show. >> did i get snappy? >> you were hang-ry! >> too much coffee. [ laughter ] let's talk about food now. tony and stephanie tantillo are keeping it green with an arugula salad. >> reporter: we're making a simple spring salad with arugula. >> this baby arugula is fantastic. start off with my favorite produce item blood oranges. put those on there. >> you have one or two-a-day? >> if i can. then we'll put in some shaved parmesan. a great offset. lemon fresh squeezed and olive oil and salt and pepper. >> the top of the scallions so not too much of a bite. could you get that balsamic reduction and put a little bit
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on top? >> love to. okay. >> nice and sweet which will complement the blood oranges beautifully. >> look at that. >> perfect. >> beautiful. stephanie -- >> i can't wait. >> -- the taste of spring. beautiful. bye-bye. stuck between a prize and a hard place. the trouble this little guy squeezed himself into coming up next. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or a question, give us a call, 1-888-5-helps- u. volunteers are standing by right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[sister off screen] so, and i lied to you earlier when i said that...we weren't ready to have a baby, we're actually eight-weeks pregnant. [women] shut up! [brother-in-law off camera] we're pregnant! [woman] you're kidding me! [man] shut up! [woman] shut up! [screams] take the kid,take the kid,take the kid! [woman] oh my god! [everyone laughter,crying]
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coming up tonight at 5:00 a burglar snooping inside a baby's nursery. the chilling behavior caught on home surveillance video. that and more at 5. finally, the story of a curious kid who got himself stuck in a big way. >> a 3-year-old in nebraska, check this out, okay, there he is in the green t-shirt. inside the claw toy vending machine, we have all seen those, this happened at a bowling alley while his mother was in the restroom. he actually crawled in through the prize door. he wasn't hurt. he wasn't scared. and the vendor eventually got him out. >> eventually? >> eventually got him out. >> let him sit in there for a while? >> hope he got a goodie. >> you said that's something you would do as a kid.
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>> probably as a 3-year-old. >> what a prize. >> the mother ran out, said can i have some quarters? >> just won a kid. so looking good for us, huh? >> lots of sunshine around the bay area this afternoon. this is probably the nicest day of the week. temperatures going to be cooling down more clouds on the way as we head in toward friday and saturday. easter sunday looking very nice, maybe we start talking some rain next week. >> all right. thank you. we'll see you later, folks. have a good day. captions by: caption colorado
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>> liam: hope, we're, uh, we're at a crossroads. and we've been given a second chance to make this right, and... if we don't take it, i'm freaking out at the possibility of not getting another one. >> hope: [ sighs ] liam... >> liam: just give me this chance. let me prove to you that we love each other enough to make this work. >> wyatt: he stole my truck, my trailer, and my girlfriend. >> quinn: you can't let him get away with this. >> wyatt: he already has! for the moment. >> quinn: they're at his place in malibu? >>